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Power Monitors

Bird Technologies' line of Power Measurement products are rugged solutions for your field measurement needs.
Bird offers a comprehensive range of monitors for users of all skill levels. The Monitor family includes a range of products that not only measure power and VSWR but also provide hard contact alarms to protect your system in the event of a system failure – the IP-enabled, BPME is even capable of emailing a failure notification
Channel Power Monitor
Be assured that your communication system is up and running at all times with Bird’s new Channel Power Monitor. It provides you with continuous information on the health of each component of your system that is accessible on any c..
RF Monitor / Alarms - 3171B & 3171B020
3171B, Dual Meter - Single Carrier, Wattcher® RF Monitor 3171B020, Dual Meter - Single Carrier, High-Speed Wattcher® RF Monitor
RF Monitors/Alarms-3170B
3170B, Dual Meter - Dual Element, Single Carrier Wattcher® RF Monitor
RF Monitors / Alarms -3126A, 3127A, 3128A
Wattcher RF Monitor/Alarm; when installed with a dual port Thruline Line Section and two elements, is designed for the protection and monitoring of radio frequency transmission systems. The line section is selected to be compatibl..
Wideband Coupler
WBC Series, Wideband Couplers offer a convenient, cost effective product for RF Power Measurement in High Power applications. The broadband directional coupler uses the Bird Model 5000-XT Digital Handheld Meter, with a Wideband Co..
3140 Meter
3129 Digial Meter
The 3129 accurately measures power in digitally modulated and multi-carrier systems and displays the BPME status. The single line display is divided into two fields and displays forward power, and either reflected power or the mat..
Antenna & Cable Monitor
ACM Series, Antenna & Cable Monitors are the solution for monitoring your transmission antenna systems. Service providers and self maintained end user’s can rely on this monitor and alarm to keep their critical sites up and runnin..
Transmitter Power Monitor-TPM
WBC Series, Wideband Couplers offer a convenient, cost effective product for RF Power Measurement in High Power applications.
Broadcast Power Monitor-BPME Series
BPME Series, Broadcast Power Monitors accurately monitor RF power and VSWR continuously, provides the ability to set alarms for important power and VSWR thresholds and enables data logging for a wide range of frequencies and power..