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Laboratory Grade Sensors & Meters

Bird Technologies' line of Laboratory Sensors and Meters are highly accurate solutions for your laboratory needs.
Bird Laboratory Sensors have been depended upon for decades to provide highly accurate power measurement of laboratory and semiconductor production processes. Ranging from the 4020 Series sensors capable of 3% accuracy and the more advanced 4027 Series sensors capable of 1% accuracy. These highly accurate sensors have also been integrated into turnkey calibration carts that integrate all the components required to measure, display and dissipate power from RF delivery systems. Even more sophisticated systems, the VIP and BDS have been developed to not only measure voltage and current but also the phase relationships between them to enable a higher degree of insight into modern, complex semiconductor processes
7023 Pulse Power Sensor
Bird’s® New Precision Pulse Power Sensor for precision semiconductor laboratory applications. The 7023 Series Power Sensors were designed to bring superb accuracy and ease of use together for the engineer in the laboratory and se..
High Power Calibration Cart-SCC8
SCC8 Series, Calibration Cart is designed for immediate, effortless use. It has three primary components. The 4421 Multifunction Power Meter displays RF power. 4028 Series Power Sensors are highly accurate sensors that measure RF..
Multi-Sensor Calibratin Cart-MSCC7
MSCC7 Series, Calibration Cart is designed to support two power sensors and also includes the 4421 Multifunction Power Meter and a low reflection 50 Ohm load that can dissipate up to 10 kW max. These components are installed on a ..
Calibration Cart-SCC7
SCC7 Series, Calibration Cart is designed for immediate, effortless use. It has three primary components: the 4421 Multifunction Power Meter for displays RF power; the 4020, 4027A and 4027F Series Power Sensors are highly accurate..
4421 Power Meter
Precision Power Meter for Semiconductor Processing Applications 4421 Multifunction Power Meter is a precision RF instrument that, while originally intended for general purpose laboratory applications where high accuracy is requir..
4028 Series Power Sensor
4028 Series, 2% Accurate, RF Directional Thruline® Precision Power Sensors are a family of high accuracy sensors for use in high power LCD, TFT and Solar processing and other precision high power applications. Intended for use wi..
4027F Series Power Sensor
4027F Series, Filtered Power Sensors are designed specifically for use in semiconductor processing and other precision process applications where the effects of amplitude modulation and harmonics need to be eliminated from the mea..
4027A Series Power Sensor
4027A Series, Directional Power Sensors were designed to bring superb accuracy and ease of use together for the engineer in the laboratory. At the calibrated frequency and power level, these sensors are capable of 1% accuracy. Wit..
4020 Series Power Sensor
4020 Series, Directional Power Sensors are cost-effective solution for maintaining critical RF systems. Only 5 models are required to cover the frequency range of 1.8 MHz to 3 GHz and power range from 300 mW - 10 kW. Full-Scale Ac..
Bird Diagnostic System (BDS)
The Bird Diagnostic System (BDS) is a revolutionary tool for measuring voltage and current in complex applications. Where repeatability of sensitive RF measurements is important, such as during the processing of silicon wafers, th..
VIP System
The Bird VIP System is a tool for measuring voltage, current and the phase angle between these parameters in complex applications. The VIP System is Bird Technologies' solution to the semiconductor market to provide more infor..