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Field Sensors & Power Meters

Bird Technologies' line of Power Measurement products are rugged solutions for your field measurement needs.
Bird Technologies' line of Power Measurement products are rugged solutions for your field measurement needs. Bird offers a comprehensive range of field sensors, meters , all easy-to-use solutions for users of all skill levels. The Field Sensors range from the economical, element based Directional Power Sensor to the multi-functional Wideband Power Sensor capable of measuring a broad range of critical metrics for modern telecommunication systems. The 5000-XT is a rugged, handheld meter capable of interfacing with all Bird Field Sensors and includes advanced features such as multiple languages and data logging.
7022 Statistical Power Sensor
Bird offers a new thruline sensor for measuring and maintaining your most complex wireless systems. The Statistical Power Sensor is a rugged, easy to use field instrument that uses statistical sampling techniques.
Terminating Power Sensor- 5011 외
5011 Series, Terminating Power Sensors with DB9 Connector are most easy to use, cost competitive terminating sensor on the market. This one port measurement device will provide True Average Power for forward power or reflected pow..
Directional Power Sensor-5010 외
The Bird Directional Power Sensor (DPS) is the most flexible RF sensor on the market today. With this Dual-Socket, Thruline® sensor, you may select from a wide range of Bird Elements to tailor the unit to your needs over a wide r..
Wideband Power Sensor- 5012 외
Bird’s® Wideband Power Sensor Series (WPS) never requires field calibration, only requires calibration once per year and are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
7020 Wideband Power Sensor
7020 Series, 350 MHz - 4 GHz, Wideband Power Sensor is an economical, plug and play solution to your power measurement needs. The 7020 determines and reports Forward and Reflected True Average Power and VSWR over a wide frequency ..
Digital Power Meter-DPM
5000-XT, Digital Power Meter has been completely redesigned. Ideally suited for field techs and engineers who need to make power measurements anywhere they go, the 5000-XT's new user interface has an intuitive, menu-driven des..